Woodward selected by Airbus for A320neo PW Thrust reverser Actuation System


Woodward, Inc announced that it signed an agreement with Airbus to supply the Thrust Reverser Actuation System (TRAS) for the new nacelle of the Airbus A320neo aircraft powered by the Pratt and Whitney engine.

Woodward will design, develop and manufacture a TRAS system including a suite of locking and feedback actuators, flex shafts and tertiary locks. Application of Woodward’s TRAS system platforms for single aisle aircraft will enhance the new nacelle’s design and reliability.

“We’re excited to work directly with Airbus as part of their flagship A320neo program,” said Marty Glass, President, Airframe Systems for Woodward. “We are certain that Airbus and Woodward will make a great team, and that Woodward is the best choice for the life of the TRAS program for the new Airbus nacelle.”

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