Thales Smart-L Multi Mission Radar detects ballistic missile at 1500 km


The SMART-L MM radar system mounted on the test tower at the Thales premises in Hengelo, detected and tracked a ballistic missile at an average range of more than 1500 km without difficulties.

On 25 September, a ballistic missile was launched from the Hebrides (Scotland) as part of Formidable Shield 2017, an international naval exercise organized by the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet for the international organisation for the defence against ballistic missiles. The Thales SMART-L Multi Mission radar in Hengelo detected the target as soon as it appeared over the horizon. The system maintained a stable track for more than 300 seconds. The track quality was sufficient to enable Launch On Remote by BMD-capable naval ships.

Gerben Edelijn, CEO of Thales in the Netherlands said: “This milestone proves that Thales is a world leader in radar applications for ballistic missile defence. With SMART-L MM, Thales can provide armed forces all over the world with a powerful sensor that enables the protection of nation states against the increasing threat of ballistic missiles.”

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