Dutch government forms partnership with Thales to support combat proven


Thales is pleased to announce that the Dutch government has reaffirmed its trust in the field of protected vehicles. On April 26th, at the Van Halteren Metaal (VHM) headquarters in the Netherlands, a six year In-Service Support contract was signed to further improve the already outstanding performance and availability of the Netherland’s Bushmasters.

Key points

  • Thales and the Dutch government signed a six year In-Service Support contract to improve the performance and availability of the Netherland’s Bushmaster’ fleet.
  • Built by Thales in Australia, Bushmaster vehicles have been protecting soldiers’ lives for over 10 years within the Netherlands Army
  • This innovative partnership between Thales and the Netherlands Material Logistic Command shapes a long term support contract and provides increased availability for the Bushmaster fleet.

Bushmaster vehicles have been in service within the Netherlands Army for over 10 years, with an outstanding record including operations in the Middle East where the vehicle’s superior protection, mobility and combat effectiveness were proven to be critical, as they saved many lives.

The In-Service Support contract signed includes the transfer of technology from Australia to Van Halteren Metaal, building long term expertise in the maintenance of the Bushmaster.
This contract combines Thales’s expertise as the Original Equipment Manufacturer and VHM’s established excellence in hands-on maintenance services to deliver increased availability and excellent value for money for the Netherlands Government.

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